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The beautiful cabinets housing our elongating machines allows your customers to observe the elongating process from start to finish. The elongating machine itself is a combination of 1 inch thick powder coat aluminum and top quality tough aircraft steel. Stainless steel bolts and bearing blocks are used to eliminate the possibility of rust appearing on these parts. Durability and trouble free operation is built into each of our machines. The high tech cabinet is 3/8 100% pure cast acrylic for strength and clarity. Only 17 wide and 13 deep. The gearing is designed so that a 6 year old child or a 75 year old grandmother can complete the task with ease! No electricity required!!

Your customer merely selects the design they want to purchase, insert two quarters and one penny and turn the handle four times and out drops the elongated penny souvenir.

Each of these beautiful machines is shipped in two cartons including an instructional video cassette illustrating how to assemble the machine in 30 minutes or less. The ability to ship you the machine in manageable cartons make it easy for you to transport in a car or van. Total weight is approximately 195 pounds.

Ideal For:

This machine is ideal for the hobbies specialist, club or company that wants to create and roll pennies for personal collections or for trade show give aways. The stand and base are aluminum with big 6 inch wheels for easy transporting from one site to another. The machine is a combination of powder coated aluminum and aircraft steel for tough durable use. Up to 4 die images can be placed on a die ring. One image is include with the machine.


• Easy to use
• Makes volumes of rolled coins quickly
• Custom made design of coin
• Power - None required
• Durable & low maintenance


• clear acrylic shield to cover the exposed gears on the outside of the machine.


• 52 inches high • 75 pounds shipping weight (in 3 boxes)

New! We are now offering quarter machines! Please contact us for further details.


NEW! We can offer you a lease/purchase plan, if you have good credit, requiring no money down and up to 5 years to complete payments!



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